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CFO Agenda

Financial Planning

Develop a 3-5 year corporate financial plan that reflects corporate strategic setting and cascades to financial objectives and KPIs across all departments


  • Define and implement reporting requirements (daily, weekly, monthly) at different organization levels
  • Implement reporting techniques at multiple levels including reporting via apps developed by Euromena Consulting partners

Accounting & Treasury

  • Revamp the accounting process to reduce low-value added tasks or centralizing them in an “accounting factory”
  • Streamline the closing & reporting processes and secure cash management by implementing a range of key controls

Financial Controlling

Design and implement a Financial Control Department organization in order to enhance its efficiency and support in business monitoring, revenue growth and cost management

Revenue Assurance

Audit the revenue process and set up cross-functional controls to tackle the leakages, by mobilizing experts from IT, marketing, finance, distribution, etc.

Risk Management

Apply early warning systems in order to adapt to new strategic directions and developments

Procurement & Supply Chain

Benchmark and define best-in class P2P processes, covering: 

  • Procurement policy definition and communication
  • Contracting and calls for tenders' management 
  • Markets and contracts implementation
  • Reporting

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