Revenue assurance on Fixed Broadband products (interconnection links, ADSL, FTTH)

Key Activities: 
  • Stabilized the reconciliation of technical  and commercial databases
  • Defined revenue assurance controls
  • Definition of an anomaly treatment methodology (Business, Support, Technical)
  • Supported team animation for anomaly work
  • Reviewed processes and wrote missing processes
  • Consistency and production of workflows
  • Studied automations to set up (provisioning)
  • Prepared test books
  • Made more reliable the figures reported each month by Control and Accounting Management

Results Achieved:
  • Securization of over 1,300 interconnection links
  • Securization of 7Gx of additional annual revenue
  • Implementation of a reconciliation between technical and commercial databases
  • Writing and implementation of processes, operating methods and workflows covering the entire life cycle of interconnection links
  • Clarification of contractual documents and conditions
  • Support on the implementation of provisioning platform
  • Entire sales representatives and assistants trained

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