CAPEX process management enhancement

Key Activities: 
  • Workshops with the operational departments to collect points of dysfunction in their activities of monthly closing and management of fixed assets: Purchasing, Technical, Business
  • Review of processes and participation in the drafting of specifications for the improvement of tools
  • Identification of best practices and Benchmark
  • Case study for an externalization of the Logistics related to CAPEX
  • Study for setting up an asset tagging process

Results Achieved:
  • Review of all the processes of the company having an impact on the monthly closing
  • Review of cost center structure
  • Remediation of open purchase orders in ERP
  • Establishment of a detailed closing schedule
  • Definition of key performance indicators and development of a reporting for the monthly closure
  • Drafting of the new monthly closing control procedure
  • Site visits (ownshops and warehouses)
  • Review of contractual documents (purchase orders, invoices) to meet the needs of operational and financial departments
  • Review of technical and accounting management of fixed assets and inventories

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