Mobile Financial Services (MFS) is a fast-growing sector, existing within a complex ecosystem. Euromena Consulting has in-depth knowledge of the MFS environment and offers its support to mobile operators or financial institutions in developing and implementing a clear MFS related strategy, developing overall MFS ecosystem or anticipating MFS impact on overall operators’ revenue trends and distribution operations.

Within the MFS domain, Euromena Consulting offers the following services:

  • MFS strategy definition: Market Analysis, defining and implementing strategic levers for ecosystem development and further growth, acquisition strategy, etc.
  • Implementing synergies between MFS and Mobile operations : Define and implement roadmap towards mutualized mobile and MFS operations (shared distribution and animation in particular, but also processes, and tools harmonization, or B2B related synergies)
  • KYC process definition, optimization and implementation
  • Cash & Claims Management: Cash collection, reconciliation, reimbursement, commissions
  • Accounting and Reporting: Booking in commercial system, booking in accounting system, reconciliations, reporting
  • Revenue Assurance: controls and fraud detection processes implementation

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