We are all the product of our schools and universities. Education has always been one of the main pillars of a country's economy and society; it is the milestone of a nation’s development.

Our team of experts offers a variety of solutions tailored fit for either public or private systems and for each educational institution to help enhance their organization and improve outcomes for learners. We can help you:

Restructure the operating model:

Optimize the economic model:

  • Identify cost reduction areas by evaluating the potential to eliminate/outsource certain types of costs
  • Optimize resources by reorganizing the classes’ structure and the administrative departments

Redesign the organizational structure:

  • Develop new organizational structure and governance framework, articulating roles and responsibilities across identified stakeholders and functions
  • Define job descriptions template that includes key sections such as role/responsibilities, competencies framework, required credentials, lines of reporting etc.

Revolutionize teaching methods:

Harness education technology:
  • Develop teaching techniques by implementing technology tools in the classroom
  • Provide trainings to the institution staff to get the best use of the technology tools

Strengthen teacher’s competencies:

  • Provide trainings to teachers on how to manage large classes
  • Provide trainings to teachers on effective hybrid teaching strategies

In addition to providing support in change management and driving the set agenda forward, the Euromena Consulting team works closely with public and private education institutions, enabling the effective and prompt transition into optimized organizational and financial structures. 

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