• Middle East

Operating Model Development and Implementation Recruitment and Hiring, Training Plan Design

Key Activities:

Turnaround program

  • Organizational structure articulation and implementation, and recruiting and training plan development and implementation
  • Assessed current organizational structure and associated manpower allocation
  • Developed organizational structure evolution scenarios and designed best-fit structure
  • Examined operational model, processes and workflows, performance and workforce management, and developed targets
  • Articulated roles, reporting lines and interfaces and developed comprehensive job descriptions¬†
  • Developed short and long-term recruiting plan
  • Identified training needs and developed appropriate training plan
  • Developed overall short-term execution plan based on top priorities
  • Provided business coaching and continuous support to CEO and corporate team throughout the project

Results Achieved:
  • Created 5 new job opportunities
  • Developed new organizational structure, operating model, and processes¬†
  • Developed 3-year recruitment plan
  • Provided sustainability guidelines for organizational and business growth

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