• Middle East

Market Analysis, Marketing, Production, Social Media, Crowdfunding

Key Activities:
  • Collected and analyzed research on macro industry trends
  • Conducted competitive analysis including competitor differentiation and pricing
  • Developed marketing plan for expanding sales around the country
  • Created English-language social media presence and posted pictures and articles on Facebook and Twitter to increase reach and brand awareness
  • Developed social media brand awareness campaign, including content, for the next year
  • Conducted detailed analysis of client’s revenue, cost, and work timeline to recommend a target production schedule
  • Created video, including filming of production processes and team member interviews, for the purposes of crowdfunding campaign
  • Executed crowdfunding, including direct emails, Facebook posts, and tweeting to target prominent organizations, bloggers, and thought leaders

Results Achieved:
  • Increased client’s points of sale from 1 to 10
  • Upgraded production equipment to enable larger scale soap production
  • Won new contracts for custom products with hotels and wedding planners
  • Launched crowdfunding campaign to cover operational costs 
  • Enhanced organizational capacity to effectively manage 10 employees

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