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International and Local Marketing, Sales, and Distribution Strategy Consumer Behavior Analysis

Key Activities:
  • Collected and analyzed research on macro industry trends in syrups and sweet spreads
  • Developed competitor analysis using a representative sample of over 40 grocery and specialty stores in the U.S. and Canada
  • Developed high level marketing strategy
  • Developed consumer survey, analyzed feedback, and provided recommendations
  • Held focus group for consumers on product and analyzed detailed feedback
  • Developed distribution agreement guidelines and assisting in signing a deal with a major food distributor
  • Researched international distribution options, potential expo participation, and partnership opportunities
  • Created social media presence and assisted with consumer outreach at local events

Results Achieved:
  • Developed international market entry strategy
  • Launched domestic distribution in major Lebanese grocery chain
  • Positioned client to increase production by five times and create sustained revenue stream

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