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Development and institutionalization of technical competencies dictionary

Key Activities:
  • Baselined technical competencies maturity across all departments
  • Assessed ICT and non-ICT best practices in assigning forward-looking technical competencies
  • Developed technical competencies pillars and articulated key competencies per department
  • Mapped, high-priority, critical 4-6 functional and digital competencies per unique position
  • Updated all related Job Descriptions
  • Re-engineered all related HR processes and tools to accommodate technical competencies
  • Performed on-the-job training to involved line managers, run pilots and ensured handover to local HR team

Results Achieved:
  • The project allowed the client to have an integrated technical and behavioral competencies dictionary, allowing for end-to-end competency based resources management. Post institutionalization, OG is in position to best assess competency gaps with current resources and devise custom-fit L&D program, as well target for needed new talent to fulfill required set of digital competencies

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