Transverse Cost Reduction Programme

Key Activities:
  • Led a transverse cost-cutting programme for an operator in a six months period to improve profitability
  • Reviewed all P&L sections and identified key areas for short term savings
  • Implemented strong governance and project management across the company to ensure alignment on cost reduction measures and execution
  • Led analysis and benchmarks on several key topics, including Distribution costs, headcounts, fraud related leakage and satellite costs reduction
  • Coordinated cost reduction initiatives across all key dimensions over a six month period
Results Achieved:
  • 5% of overall costs deleted directly resulting from our intervention
  • Identification of significant sources of fraud and revenue leakages
  • Revamped distributors' commissioning scheme
  • Significant reduction of headcounts (-c.250) without penalty
  • Re-negotiation of key outsourcing contracts
  • Implementation of new recruitment processes allowing better headcounts identification and followup
  • Satellite bandwidth optimization and price renegotiation

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