November 24th, 2017


Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire





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Euromena Consulting was pleased to organise the first edition of the Euromena Awards, on the next 24th of November in Abidjan’s Novotel, Côte d’Ivoire. It was a contest for African innovative start-ups, with projects using new technologies and impacting the continent.

Euromena Consulting has been working in Africa for more than ten years, enabling us to acquire solid insight into the African startup ecosystem. Our team members have conducted numerous projects in the new technologies sector, and we are convinced that the innovation’s future lies there. This competition’s objective was to help reveal some of the obstacles that startups can encounter while setting up businesses in this region.

More than 200 entrepreneurs registered, operating in various sectors such as agriculture, environment, education and microcredit, and coming from 40 different African countries, mainly Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Benin, Cameroun or DRC.

Euromena Consulting first shortlisted 9 start-ups with the best ideas. The 9 finalists then pitched their startups ideas in front of a jury composed of experts in the field. They chose to grant three laureates, who received respective funding envelopes of €5,000; €3,000 and €2,000, and the first laureate also won a 6-month customized support by Euromena Consulting, that will help them grow and develop their startup from idea stage to sustainable business venture.

The ceremony came to an end with a cocktail in Abidjan, that allowed the participants, the jury members and the organisers to meet in a convivial setting after the competition.

Selection Panel

Lamine Barro
Lamine Barro

Creator of Etudesk

Cyriac Gbogou
Cyriac Gbogou

Influencer of the Ivorian tech cyberspace

Serge Brayer
Serge Brayer

Coordinator of Positive Planet International

Fayçal El Darwiche
Fayçal El Darwiche

Euromena Consulting, Managing Partner

Hichem Ghanmi
Hichem Ghanmi

Director of AfricInvest group

Jean-Luc Nzoubou
Jean-Luc Nzoubou

Partnership Manager at Advans CI

Sadamoudou Kaba
Sadamoudou Kaba

Head of Department of Orange Fab CI

our winner

Winner Logo

WeFly Agri: The start-up offers 3 solutions via their application: an interactive map of agricultural plantations, achieved through images from drones, their remote monitoring thanks to IoT sensors, as well as a data analysis with linked advice and predictions.

Finalist E Trash 2 Cash Logo
E Trash 2 Cash

eTrash2Cash (eT2C Company Nigeria) is the first of its kind social enterprise in northern Nigeria, which embodies the use of technology to solve environmental problems in the low-income communities. Its web, mobile app and SMS platform helps low income communities to earn direct cash incentives in exchange for their everyday wastes. They are sorted, processed and recycled into reusable products for use by the same community e.g organic compost from food wastes, raw material pellets from plastic wastes and tissue papers from paper wastes.

Finalist LishaBora Logo

LishaBora provides input and practices, and co-manages outputs for Kenya’s smallholder dairy farmers to enable more informed farm management and credit and banking solution. By sourcing quality-assured dry-feeds and animal health products and delivery to the farmer, we improve access to inputs and reduce cost for smallholders. By engaging our customers with grass management and best farming practices demonstrations, we ensure their cow’s productivity is not hindered by forage shortages or preventable diseases.

Finalist Lifiled Logo

Lifiled is a startup combining for the first time the ICT sector and renewable energies to produce an innovative technology The LIFI transmission of data, information and the internet by light thanks to renewable energy (solar) in rural areas. In Africa, the problem of the energy deficit and its corollary of access to electricity for all, as well as the problem of broadband internet connectivity, are a major hindrance to both economic and social development.

Finalist MPost Logo

MPost means Mobile Post office. It enables any mobile phone user to have his or her phone act like a mobile post office. It allows you to make your mobile number be a formal postal address. With it, you get access to Postal Services through your mobile phone.

Finalist HapaCash Logo

Need a small loan urgently? Want to lend to others while making a few bucks? Hapa Cash is the platform you need: it allows you to lend, borrow, trade cash for eMoney (Mobile Money),... with other individuals. Search the list or the map for existing requests or offers. If you have a specific need, create your cash request or cash offer in a few seconds: enter the amount, the fee and the duration and wait for someone to respond.

Finalist Uthabiti Logo

Uthabiti is a web and mobile platform that permits users to consult doctors and other health auxiliaries online, as well as order prescribed or non-prescribed medicines from pharmacies, and have them directly delivered at home

Finalist CinetPay Logo

CinetPay offers a multi-operator “Mobile Money” payment platform, enabling users without banking accounts to have access to electronic payment methods.


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The Euromena Awards 2019 Edition is under preparation - stay tuned to find out more!

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