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Feasibility study for the establishment of a clinic for cardiovascular diseases

Key Activities:
  • Detailed study assessing the heart disease prevalence, the market, the competitive landscape, the needs, the target audience in Côte d'Ivoire
  • Established a PMO to lead a detailed feasibility study for the construction of a hospital (30 beds) for cardiovascular diseases, coordinating experts teams to deliver:
  • * Medical project
  • * Architectural program
  • * HR program
  • * Business Plan
  • * Contractual invariant
  • Identified potential investors in order to finance the project and redacted necessary documentation (teaser, info memorandum)
  • Identified medical operators to manage and operate the clinic

Results Achieved:
  • Formalized a detailed market study to assess the potential of the project
  • Conducted a detailed feasibility study to the establishment of the clinic validated by Orange Côte d'Ivoire Foundation 
  • Coordinated a pool of experts (architects, lawyers, cardiologists, surgeons, biomedical engineers, etc) to deliver the key deliverables of 
  • Developed several scenarios related to the establishment of the clinic
  • Challenged the Business Plan assumptions

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