Operational Costs Structure Assessment & Optimization Marketing & Sales Strategy Development & Implementation

Key Activities: 
  • Assessed business strategy, vision & current operating model 
  • Evaluated internal capabilities & capacities 
  • Base-lined current cost structure & allocations and developed recommendations 
  • Developed best-fit sales strategy and sales growth forecast 
  • Developed production sustainability recommendations
  • Developed customer experience plan & aligned with sales growth initiatives 
  • Screened key contacts and connected with best-fit direct & indirect partners 
  • Conduct meetings with stakeholders and closely monitored progress & outcomes

Results Achieved:
  • Actively contributed to increasing average monthly turnover by an average of 27% 
  • Opened-up new sales markets with high-end local industry players 
  • Developed model for sales & production levels increases 
  • Established growth strategy and provided recommendations for new machinery, processes, and overall manpower requirements 
  • Set up the grounds for short-term hiring of 2 full-time qualified resources

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