Holiday Greetings from Our Founder


Over the past two years, the world has become increasingly unpredictable. The situation caused by the pandemic, combined with the difficult environment in some of the countries where we operate, has forced us to constantly adapt to remain close to our clients and to ensure the success of their projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We have succeeded in this mission thanks to the commitment and total mobilization of our teams and the strong bond that binds us to our clients. 

"The only genuine form of wealth is people,” said a writer. Today this is truer than ever. And beyond our accomplishments, the ties we forge with the women and men we meet remain the greatest asset of our professional adventure.

In 2022, we will continue to work alongside private and public clients and partners who have placed their trust in us, with the same energy and passion to navigate new horizons.

Thank you and best wishes from the very bottom of our hearts! 

Fayçal El Darwiche
Founding and Managing Partner 

We make it happen.