Happy New Year from Our Founder


This year has tested us as individuals, as companies, and as nations. At Euromena Consulting, COVID-19 was coupled with the difficult situation in Lebanon where part of our team is based. We have all been disturbed, pushed, and challenged, but what do we retain from this year full of challenges and adversity?

At Euromena Consulting, the crisis has only strengthened our determination and our will to move forward; it has forged us, united us, and made us grow. We have worked in more than 15 countries in 2020, including 4 new ones, and we have recruited several new employees across our different offices, achieving a more than 10% increase in our net employees’ pool. We have also developed our portfolio of partners and clients, particularly among global digital players, key industry actors and international development organizations. Above all, we have strengthened our determination to bring our clients' projects to fruition, to achieve concrete, positive and sustainable results for their organizations, and to maintain the proximity that continues to define us despite the distance. 

Moreover, social distancing has pushed us to refocus on the essential, to get closer to those who are dear to us, even behind our screens, by visiting them "at home" and vice versa. From Paris, Beirut, Dubai, Athens, or Abidjan, our teams have made exceptional efforts to support our clients and community in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East weather the storm and move towards a better future. 

This year, which was particularly harsh on the most vulnerable, has seen an increase in the proportion of the population living below the poverty line, as well as in economic and psychological distress. Our desire to reach out to others has made us even more determined to work with associations and development aid institutions to help the most fragile to get back on their feet. This commitment, set for the long term, also allows us to join other industry/private players that are gearing up their philanthropic actions focusing on lasting social impact.

We leave this year with more humility and empathy, as well as with a heightened sense of commitment. As for previous years, in 2021 we will devote our energy to actively supporting our partner clients meet the challenges ahead. Our faith in better times remains unshakeable. We will remain at your side in 2021 and beyond, with the same energy and passion to bring your projects to fruition for the benefit of the greatest number of people.

Thank you all, and from the bottom of our hearts, happy new year!

Fayçal El Darwiche

Managing Partner

We make it happen.