Euromena Consulting Consolidates its activities in France and Africa and Appoints Jennifer Viard and Mathieu Hubier as Partners

The appointment of Jennifer Viard and Mathieu Hubier as Partners this December strengthens Euromena Consulting’s positioning and development in the French and African markets. Commenting on this new appointment, Fayçal El Darwiche, Euromena Consulting Founding & Managing Partner, said: “Since Day 1, both Jennifer and Mathieu played a central role for the firm in terms of business development and project delivery.” Jennifer has consolidated the firm’s positioning in Africa, serving top-tier clients in the telecom industry and developing a footprint in the region through her continuous presence on the ground in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. “In turn, Mathieu has nurtured strategic partnerships across geographies while entering new sectors and developing novel service offerings,” added Fayçal El Darwiche. 

The announcement was made public during Euromena Consulting’s 10th anniversary in Paris, celebrating the firm’s establishment in Europe since its founding 15 years ago in Beirut, Lebanon.

Today, Jennifer and Mathieu, both ex-PwC Transactions Services Paris, are managing a multicultural team and developing businesses in Europe and Africa, serving high-profile stakeholders on cross-cutting projects in the private and public sectors. Beyond a strong focus in the telecom, technology, energy and industry sectors, Jennifer and Mathieu have expanded the firm’s project outreach to cover new, region-specific sectors such as fintech, energy, and agribusiness as well as pioneered entry into new markets in Africa and in Europe.

About Euromena Consulting

Euromena Consulting is a result-oriented strategy and management consulting firm serving high-profile stakeholders in the private and public sectors across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Our consultants combine top-tier management consulting expertise and previous industrial and operational experience. We offer management consulting services related to strategy setting and execution, performance enhancement and transformation programs, and financial management and investment optimization. We provide strategic, operational, financial, and business coaching advice to our clients and partners across various verticals including telecom media and technology, public sector, energy & transportation, agribusiness, education, among others.


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