Supporting francophone private schools in Lebanon throughout their economic model transition

Concerning the francophone private education in Lebanon, private schools face major challenges reflected in the following indicators: 

o Reduction in student enrollment in the vast majority of schools

o Increased tuition default rates due to general impoverishment

o Loss of many qualified teachers

o Share of certain expenses indexed to the USD (around 15% or even more for AEFE schools), historically marginal but now occupying a significant proportion

o Almost systematic deficit in operating budgets, etc. 

In view of the macro-economic context, alternative financing will be required, at least for the next 3 to 4 years, as the schools will simply not be able to finance themselves. In order to ensure their long-term sustainability, this period should be used to adapt the economic model of these schools to the new situation. This implies a review of their governance, potential pooling and the achievement of management indicators in line with good practice (students per adult, students per section, teaching hours per teacher, etc.)

N.B.: You can also refer to the study report on the website of the French Institute

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