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Strategy and Business Planning

Euromena Consulting provides a full range of corporate strategy and business planning services, cooperating with key multinationals, corporates and SMEs:

  • Corporate Strategy Development: development of corporate strategy plan, cascade of strategic priorities to strategic initiatives, corporate performance management


  • Business & Financial Planning: business case articulation and business planning, financial planning and modeling


  • Marketing & Sales Plan: development of sales plans and marketing, execution of marketing/sales programs, direct and indirect sales planning


  • Customer Experience Management: customer journeys optimization, customer experience management roadmap and plans, development of retention and loyalty programs


The key differentiating factor in our service is that Euromena Consulting, in addition to corporate strategy development and design, provides hands-on, operational support in strategy cascading to operational initiatives, strategy execution and implementation, as well as corporate performance management.



Future Proofing Telco Marketing Strategy and Organization

Client: Incumbent GCC Telco Operator
Engagement focus: future-proofing Marketing department strategy and organization structure
Key activities:

  • Baselined current Marketing strategic imperatives and plan
  • Engaged in interview discussions with all key stakeholders
  • Analysed best-practices in telco Marketing strategic focus and operating model structure
  • Confirmed Marketing strategic priorities and defined core organizational structure
  • Articulated structure up to L4/5 and developed respective functional statements
  • Developed bottom-up, granular and re-usable manpower planning model
  • Defined target manpower allocation across all departments
  • Developed implementation roadmap and key transition enablers


Results achieved:

  • Enactment of streamline Marketing org. structure
  • Rationalization of manpower allocation based on work-load drivers (e.g. reduction by 10-15%)

Account payables process reengineering

Client: North African Mobil Telco
Engagement focus: enhancing and securing the treatment and payment of suppliers’ invoices
Key activities:

  • Optimized the validation and payment of invoices by streamlining the process and suppressing redundancies
  • Empowered the Financial controllers to follow-up the accruals
  • Implemented temporary solution based on dematerialisation of the invoices received, allowing significant
  • productivity gains.
  • Recommended an automated workflow tool interconnected with the Procurement IS, to be implemented in the midterm


Results achieved:

  • Reduction of cost/time treatment of invoices by 40%
  • Significant decrease in suppliers’ claims


Performance Management System Implementation

Client: Leading GCC Mobile Operator ICT Entity
Engagement focus: Provision of integrated approach, linking corporate strategic vision to performance management operations
Key activities:

  • Developed corporate strategic objectives and associated strategy map and ensured alignment with business strategy
  • Translated corporate strategy operationally, through development of Balanced Scorecards and definition of associated KPIs
  • Cascaded corporate strategy and related scorecards to all organizational departments
  • Scored vendors and recommended optimal performance management automation system
  • Supported in the development of a performance-oriented culture and conducted related training


Results achieved:
In progress

Launch of new services by a telecom operator in North Africa

Client: North African Mobil Telco
Engagement focus: Launch of ADSL activities by the telecom operator
Key activities:

  • Elaborated a tailored mapping of business processes related to the lifecycle of the client
  • Provided best-in-class  elements to implement in the Service Offering
  • Assisted the launch of the ADSL activity BtoC and BtoB


Results achieved:
Issuance and adoption by teams of a full set of tailored BtoB and BtoC processes and related procedures supporting client path issues

Operations Strategy, Execution & Performance Plan

Client: GCC Civil Protection Agency
Engagement focus: Operational strategy, performance management, and strategic imperatives
Key activities:

  • Aligned strategic plan with government strategy
  • Developed operational plan and performance management policies & procedures
  • Supported the development of an IT tool to manage performance data collection and aggregation
  • Conducted an end-to-end reporting cycle
  • Documented elaborate SOP’s at national and local levels for different emergency scenarios
  • Recommended 12 strategic imperatives


Results achieved:

  • Delivery of operational plan, policies and processes
  • Delivery of performance management IT tool

Rationalization of Key Commodities Subsidies

Client: GCC Food Authority – Policy Maker
Engagement focus: define optimal subsidy mechanism for key food commodities
Key activities:

  • Baselined the subsidization mechanism of current key food commodities
  • Engaged key stakeholders in broad discussions with regards to current inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization
  • Developed bottom-up financial model to simulate different scenarios and assess their impact on the market, industry players and consumers
  • Devised optimal subsidization levels case for key commodities and developed implementation roadmap


Results achieved:

Enactment of optimal subsidization levels across key commodities (substantial financial benefits for AD government)

Development of Flour Silos Investment Plan

Client: GCC Public Agri-business entity JV with a leading European flour miller
Engagement focus: development of business case and investment plan for flour silos development
Key activities:

  • Baselined current market landscape and dynamics (supply/demand patterns), competitive intensity and market
  • prospects
  • Defined optimal business case with the inclusion of multiple production facilities (e.g. flour, animal feed mill etc.)
  • Developed detailed financial model (P&L, cash-flow statements and balance sheet) assessing different scenarios
  • Devised optimal investment case and developed investment term sheet


Results achieved:

  • Finalized investment plan for a multi-million investment
  • Defined investment “teaser” and term sheet for the active participation of investors

Wheat/Flour and Rice Food Market Analysis

Client: GCC Public Agri-business entity JV with a leading European flour miller
Engagement focus: supply and demand market analysis in the food sector (emphasis on wheat/flour and rice related products) in the UAE
Key activities:

  • Conducted primary research on the supply and demand characteristics of wheat/flour and rice products in the UAE
  • Interviewed key producers and consumers of wheat/flour and rice
  • Benchmarked supply and consumption patterns with regional peers
  • Synthesized market analysis findings and provided recommendations on key market opportunities and potential


Results achieved:

  • Identification of specific wheat/flour and rice market opportunities and prospective investors
  • High-level quantification of market potential and expected investment returns

Development of an international expansion strategy

Client: European Beverage Equipment Group
Engagement focus: Development of an International Strategy to expand in Europe
Key activities:

  • Diagnosed current positioning and potential for expansion in Europe
  • Analysed opportunities for the company to expand into new markets through all possible channels (acquisitions, partnerships, internal growth)
  • Defined a clear roadmap for strategy rollout in the very short term


Results achieved:

Assignment represented the boosting point for company Internationalization, with recruitment and the collection of subsidies being launched immediately following project conclusions