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Operating Model & HR Management

Euromena Consulting offers a wide range of operating models and HR management services:


  • Operating and Governance Model Alignment: Euromena Consulting focuses on developing next-generation target operating models and governance structures which center around:
    • Definition and enactment of executive and supervisory governance models
    • Structural breakdown between corporate, operational units, and support functions
    • Responsibilities and decision-making powers across groups
    • Performance measures
    • Critical systems and processes


  • Organizational Restructuring: Organizational structure changes are addressed in line with the organization’s strategic cycle whilst being reconciled with bottom-up functional needs. Euromena Consulting utilizes an organization structure development methodology based on defining next-generation forward-looking evolution scenarios, running assessment tests across several key dimensions, and selecting target options validated by functional and industry benchmarks. Euromena Consulting will also streamline roles and responsibilities across all levels of the organization and engage in full-scale transformation and implementation programs.


  • HR Strategy and Performance Management: Euromena Consulting develops the organization’s HR strategy and performance management systems which act as important tools in the achievement of the corporate vision. The organization’s HR strategy consists of defining principles and key HR instruments for managing the workforce in the most optimal manner (Planning and Recruiting, Training and Development, Career Path Development, Total Reward, Compensation, Mobility, etc.).


  • Manpower Planning: Through its manpower planning methodology, Euromena Consulting ensures that the organization’s HR requirements are identified, based on actionable, objective work-load drivers and respective allocation across activities. Euromena sets manpower planning design principles centering on the organization’s baseline and target structure allocation of activities across departments. The approach employs a reconciliation of both top-down industry benchmarks and bottom-up analysis of work-load drivers in order to optimize the allocation of resources across the organization.


  • Culture Management: Culture can be used as a powerful way of strengthening the organization’s operating model on all levels as well as supporting strategic corporate goals. This in turn enhances efficiency and decision-making and allows for a better rollout of organizational strategy. Utilizing its culture and change evolution strategy, Euromena Consulting determines the critical values and behaviors that essentially make up the organization’s target culture framework, and designs a tailored culture evolution program using both formal and informal tools. Euromena Consulting conducts:
    • Change impact analysis
    • Organizational structure evolution KPIs setting and monitoring
    • Performance support and training plan
    • Communication planning


  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR): Euromena Consulting provides business process improvement and reengineering across functions and departments, relying on a vast library of industry and best-practice processes. More specifically, Euromena Consulting provides:
    • Business Process Reengineering (BPR) (design of workflows, accountability matrix etc.)
    • Process alignment across different business units and fully-fledged process implementation
    • IT systems and the design and alignment of specifications for platforms.
    • Process governance and reporting model design and enactment


Definition of Organizational Structure and HR Support in implementation

Client: Ministry of ICT in North Africa
Engagement focus: Organizational revamp and HR implementation support
Key activities:

  • Baselined and assessed the Ministry’s current organizational structure
  • Defined the target organizational structure and key attributes (hierarchies, governance, etc.)
  • Defined job descriptions of up to L-5 levels
  • Provided support in HR implementation of the new organization (specifically, selection process)


Results achieved:

  • Ensured activation of optimal sector governance structure
  • Enacted the independent NRA functionality

Organizational Restructuring & HR Strategy Development

Client: Levant Telecom Mobile Operator
Engagement focus: Organizational restructuring, HR strategy development / Corporate Governance / Manpower Planning / Employee Assessment / HR Business Processes
Key activities:

  • Developed a next-generation, target organizational structure
  • Defined and enacted executive and supervisory governance models, decision rights and authority matrix
  • Reviewed and reengineered HR related business processes, enacting them cross departments


Results achieved:

  • Development of corporate end-to-end HR strategy
  • Articulation and enactment of key HR processes
  • Assignment of each employee to the target structure and identification of talent gaps

HR Support and Advisory Services

Client: Incumbent GCC Telco Operator
Engagement focus: HR advisory & support services
Key activities:

  • Designed and developed organizational group structure evolution scenarios
  • Designed manpower planning strategy and piloted implementation across Group departments
  • Provided training on different HR topics such as: (1) HR strategy, (2) organizational structure development, (3) governance models, (4) talent training and development, (5) career path models, (6) performance evaluation, (7) business processes, and (8) change management
  • Developed culture and change-management business case and implementation plan


Results achieved:

  • Articulated organizational structure evolution scenarios
  • Developed culture and change management business case
  • Developed HR topics training material
  • Drew up manpower planning execution roadmap

ICT Governance Model

Client: Ministry of Communications- Levant Country
Engagement focus: development of ICT sector governance model and key policy guidelines
Key activities:

  • Baselined Libya’s ICT market developments and ICT governance model
  • Engaged in stakeholder discussions and presented possible ICT sector governance structure options
  • Defined target governance structure and migration path to target
  • Supported in developing relevant legal bylaws and decrees for governance structure enactment
  • Defined and articulated target operating model for both policymaker, regulatory authority and e-enablement authority


Results achieved:

  • Ensured activation of optimal sector governance structure
  • Enacted the independent NRA functionality

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