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Euromena Consulting provides professional assistance for public domains (including government authorities, public institutions, and NGOs) in core areas of public administration and efficiency improvement. Since its inception, Euromena Consulting has advised public sector clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on various subjects and assisted them in developing tailor-made solutions across key management issues.

Within the Public Sector domain, Euromena Consulting offers the following services:


  • Socio-Economic Impact analysis: assessment of socio-economic impact of adopted policies, policy review/development and strategy evaluation
  • Governance and Operational Excellence:
    • Operating model review and enhancement: development of corporate governance framework, organizational review and design, development of organizational support tools
    • Business process reengineering: business process work-flows, RACI index, eTOM alignment
    • Change Management: implementation and PMO support, culture and change management programs, implementation monitoring and controlling


  • Cost Optimization Programs (COP): cost rationalization and optimization, investments program review, system automation and procurement reform


  • Public Private Partnership (PPP): review / optimization of partnerships between public and private actors, development of custom-made partnership models, PPP model execution


  • Public Services Modernization: citizen-centered service development and management, e-Government strategy development and implementation, customer charter initiatives


Post-privatization Performance Improvement

Client: Incumbent North African telco.
Engagement focus: Activity monitoring and performance excellence.
Key activities:

  • Defined a new reporting package including financial and non financial KPI’s
  • Defined production processes for the new reporting package and formalization of related user’s guide
  • Changed management at the Controlling, operational and IT levels allowing the client to produce the reporting package smoothly and to validate data consistency


Results achieved:

  • Issuance at d+5 of a monthly reporting package to the attention of the ExCom members.
  • Considerable enhancement of the activity control and the internal management dialogue.

Operations Strategy, Execution & Performance Plan

Client: GCC Civil Protection Agency.
Engagement focus: Operational strategy, performance management, and strategic imperatives.
Key activities:

  • Aligned strategic plan with government strategy
  • Developed operational plan and performance management policies & procedures
  • Supported the development of an IT tool to manage performance data collection and aggregation
  • Conducted an end-to-end reporting cycle
  • Documented elaborate SOP’s at national and local levels for different emergency scenarios
  • Recommended 12 strategic imperatives


Results achieved:

  • Delivery of operational plan, policies and processes
  • Delivery of performance management IT tool

Rationalization of Key Commodities Subsidies

Client: GCC Food Authority – Policy Maker.
Engagement focus: define optimal subsidy mechanism for key food commodities.
Key activities:

  • Baselined the subsidization mechanism of current key food commodities
  • Engaged key stakeholders in broad discussions with regards to current inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization
  • Developed bottom-up financial model to simulate different scenarios and assess their impact on the market, industry players and consumers
  • Devised optimal subsidization levels case for key commodities and developed implementation roadmap


Results achieved:
Enactment of optimal subsidization levels across key commodities (substantial financial benefits for AD government).

Corporate Fully-Fledged Financial Plan

Client: GCC Government Agri-business entity.
Engagement focus: fully-fledged corporate financial plan development
Key activities:

  • Conducted a series of interviews and meetings with management layers to obtain data and inputs
  • Assessed respective revenue, operational and capital expense drivers and integrated them into the financial model
  • Assessed multiple scenarios to optimize financing terms (debt/equity ratio)
  • Presented to top-management team / ensured financial model handover to CFO team


Results achieved:

  • Fully-fledged P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements
  • Project financing proposed structure
  • Simulation of scenarios by embedding various commercial and financial levers

Development of an integrated ICT policy and implementation roadmap

Client: Middle Eastern Policymaker.
Engagement focus: ICT policy development and definition of program implementation roadmap.
Key activities:

  • Developed 5-year ICT vision, aspirations and objectives
  • Interpreted strategic priorities into actionable programs
  • Developed program charters, defining goals, objectives, timeline, budget and human resources requirements
  • Defined implementation enablers and drafted program implementation roadmap


Results achieved:
Ensured enactment of respective project charters as per ICT vision and plan, enabling the client to unlock sector potential.

Definition of Organizational Structure and HR Support in implementation

EnactedClient: Ministry of ICT in North Africa.
Engagement focus: Organizational revamp and HR implementation support
Key activities:

  • Baselined and assessed the Ministry’s current organizational structure
  • Defined the target organizational structure and key attributes (hierarchies, governance, etc.)
  • Defined job descriptions of up to L-5 levels
  • Provided support in HR implementation of the new organization (specifically, selection process)


Results achieved:
Ensured activation of optimal sector governance structure
the independent NRA functionality.

Business Process Reengineering and Shared Services Centre Design

Client: French agriculture company
Engagement focus: Re-organization and Business Process Re-engineering
Key activities:

  • Mapped all Finance organization processes
  • Benchmarked Finance organization productivity levels based on standard indicators (e.g. number of invoices processed by agent)
  • Issued a short-term action plan allowing for the immediate alignment of organizations, tools and processes between the 6 sites


Results achieved:

  • Productivity increased by 15% for all transactional activities (payables, receivables, payroll, etc.)
  • Elaboration of the Shared Services Centre business case with different implementation scenarios analysis (3 years ROI)