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International Development Organizations

Euromena Consulting has a successful track record in providing a wide range of services to international development organizations and NGOs.

Recently, Euromena Consulting has worked with United Nations agencies and global NGOs, such as Oxfam and Mercy Corps, to provide a wide variety of services in multiple functional areas and across various economic verticals.

Among others, Euromena Consulting provides the following services to international development organizations:

  • Socio-Economic Assessment Analysis and Impact Monitoring
    • Assessment of socio-economic conditions, analysis of key verticals (agriculture, livestock, rangelands, forests, tourism, etc.) contribution, and socio-economic impact analyses of planned / implemented policies
    • Policy evolution scenarios definition and assessment
    • Benchmarking and best practice analyses
    • Introduction and monitoring of relevant performance KPIs
  • Policy Making and Intervention
    Agenda setting and identification of policy issues, policy development and intervention, policy implementation and deployment, impact monitoring and risks mitigation plans
  • Customized Business Support to Local SMEs
    Business coaching and support to SMEs, MSEs, and Startups across different industries, including but not limited to: technology, energy, manufacturing, agro-food, retail, heavy industry, telecom, agriculture, and construction


SME, MSE, and Startup Business Support

Client: Mercy Corps

Engagement Focus: SME Business Support for Lebanon (INTAJ Project)

Key Activities:

  • Provided business coaching and support to more than 25 SMEs in first year 
  • For every SME, conducted baseline assessment and developed best-fit business support priorities and implementation roadmap
  • Set and monitored KPIs, conducting assignments based on business needs and priorities
  • Developed short and long-term execution strategy, and monitoring and evaluation indicators

Results Achieved:

  • Provided customized business support to more than 25 SMEs across different economic sectors
  • Focused on increasing SME revenues/profits and decreasing operating and capital costs
  • Worked on enhancing livelihood and creating employment opportunities in different sectors and industries
  • Actively supported SMEs in obtaining grants/funding to further foster market and economic positioning



Client: Oxfam GB

Engagement Focus: Business Development Services (BDS) to MSEs in the Beqaa and Baalbeck-Hermel Governorates (Lebanon)

Key Activities:

  • Provided BDS support and coaching to MSEs and Startups across the targeted regions and in several economic verticals (F&B, Manufacturing, Retail, etc.)
  • For every SME, conducted internal and external baseline assessment and developed best-fit business support priorities and implementation roadmap
  • Implemented short to medium term strategy based on business needs and priorities
  • Monitored KPIs on both program and MSE levels, and ensured overall project results

Results Achieved:

  • Provided customized business support to MSEs and Startups in different economic sectors
  • Created more than 45 new job opportunities in the first few months of project activities
  • Focused on increasing MSE revenues/profits and decreasing operating and capital costs

Socio-Economic Impact Assessment

Client: United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Engagement Focus: Socio-Economic Impact Assessment for Zahle, Rachaya, and West Bekaa (Lebanon)

Key Activities:

  • Conducted exhaustive primarily and secondary research, with a focus on Zahle, Rachaya, and West Bekaa areas
  • Designed a customized, per economic activity survey to conduct extensive round of interviews on the ground, with local economic representatives
  • Conducted benchmarking analysis on directly relevant international and regional cases, assessing performance of relevant economic activities
  • Developed a high-level economic assessment model covering input and output fields, computation levers and sensitivity parameters
  • Developed a dashboard of performance KPIs based on the socio-economic impact assessment and international and regional benchmarking analysis
  • Defined and articulated respective monitoring mechanism to evaluate evolution of all defined performance KPIs indices