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Euromena Consulting offers a wide range of customized consulting and advisory services to its partners, focusing on the development of information, communication and digital media markets and supporting high-stake, strategic ICT stakeholders. Thanks to our C-level exposure, we are well-positioned to approach issues holistically and deliver superior value. Our team members have a proven understanding and specialist knowledge of the ICT markets and have supported partners worldwide in everything from identifying growth opportunities to formulating strategies and developing actionable go-to-market plans.


Having worked extensively in emerging markets across the Middle East and Africa, we have developed an exceptional track-record in combining world-class expertise with local dynamics in supporting incumbents and alternative operators, communication and digital media service providers, policymakers and regulatory authorities. Key services offered across ICT actors include corporate strategy and business planning, CFO agenda and financial management, policy making and regulatory management, operational transformation and operating model revamp, PMO and large-scale transformation programs.


Costing & Profitability Models

Client: Middle-Eastern Mobile Telco
Engagement focus: development of service/bundle costing & profitability models.
Key activities:

  • Collected service costing and revenue information from financial systems/sources (FAR, GL, TB)
  • Developed top-down fully-allocated service/bundle costing model
  • Allocated revenues to service/bundle level and developed profitability model
  • Assessed service/bundle contributors to bottom-line profitability and realigned service portfolio

Results achieved:

  • Identification of key service/bundle profitability challengers and contributors
  • Rationalization of commercial service portfolio with emphasis on contributors to profitability

ICT Policy Plan Enactment

Client: Leading GCC Regulator
Engagement focus: development and enactment of ICT strategic vision and plan.
Key activities:

  • Developed 5-year ICT vision, including aspirations and objectives
  • Interpreted strategic priorities into actionable programs
  • Developed program charters, defining goals, objectives, timeline, budget and human resources requirements
  • Defined implementation enablers and drafted program implementation roadmap


Results achieved:
Ensured enactment of respective project charters as per ICT vision and plan, enabling the client to unlock sector potential.

ICT Policy Development

Client: Ministry of Communications – Levant Country
Engagement focus: definition of integrated, 5-year ICT policy
Key activities:

  • Baselined ICT environment, assessed stakeholders’ aspirations and derived key strategic imperatives and priorities
  • Defined and articulated ICT sector evolution scenarios
  • Developed an econometric business model to assess the economic and social implications of various scenarios and derived optimal outcomes
  • Articulated ICT strategic vision, action plan and implementation roadmap


Results achieved:
Enactment of 5-year strategic plan for revamping ICT sector and increasing direct and indirect sector benefits.

ICT Policy Enactment

Client: International Telecom Organization
Engagement focus: provision of policymaking and regulatory capacity building support in Eastern Europe.
Key activities:

  • Supported in developing national ICT policy agendas and plans
  • Participated in the development of ICT foresight policy in the Eastern Europe region
  • Project led design and execution of regulatory capacity building programs on behalf of Balkan countries’ NRAs
  • Frequently invited to speak at ITU events and conferences (ITU CoE programs)


Results achieved:
Ensured policy making and regulatory business continuity across a range of Eastern European countries.

Future Proofing Telco Marketing Strategy and Organization

Client: Incumbent GCC Telco Operator
Engagement focus: future-proofing Marketing department strategy and organization structure.
Key activities:

  • Baselined current Marketing strategic imperatives and plan
  • Engaged in interview discussions with all key stakeholders
  • Analysed best-practices in telco Marketing strategic focus and operating model structure
  • Confirmed Marketing strategic priorities and defined core organizational structure
  • Articulated structure up to L4/5 and developed respective functional statements
  • Developed bottom-up, granular and re-usable manpower planning model
  • Defined target manpower allocation across all departments
  • Developed implementation roadmap and key transition enablers


Results achieved:

  • Enactment of streamline Marketing org. structure
  • Rationalization of manpower allocation based on work-load drivers (e.g. reduction by 10-15%)

Organizational Restructuring & HR Strategy Development

Client: Levant Telecom Mobil Operator

Engagement focus: Organizational restructuring, HR strategy development / Corporate Governance / Manpower Planning / Employee Assessment / HR Business Processes.
Key activities:

  • Developed a next-generation, target organizational structure
  • Defined and enacted executive and supervisory governance models, decision rights and authority matrix
  • Reviewed and reengineered HR related business processes, enacting them cross departments


Results achieved:

  • Development of corporate end-to-end HR strategy
  • Articulation and enactment of key HR processes
  • Assignment of each employee to the target structure and identification of talent gaps

HR Support and Advisory Services

Client: Incumbent GCC Telco Operator
Engagement focus: HR advisory & support services
Key activities:

  • Designed and developed organizational group structure evolution scenarios
  • Designed manpower planning strategy and piloted implementation across Group departments
  • Provided training on different HR topics such as: (1) HR strategy, (2) organizational structure development, (3) governance models, (4) talent training and development, (5) career path models, (6) performance evaluation, (7) business processes, and (8) change management
  • Developed culture and change-management business case and implementation plan


Results achieved:

  • Articulated organizational structure evolution scenarios
  • Developed culture and change management business case
  • Developed HR topics training material
  • Drew up manpower planning execution roadmap

ICT Governance Model

Client: Ministry of Communications- Levant Country
Engagement focus: development of ICT sector governance model and key policy guidelines
Key activities:

  • Baselined Libya’s ICT market developments and ICT governance model
  • Engaged in stakeholder discussions and presented possible ICT sector governance structure options
  • Defined target governance structure and migration path to target
  • Supported in developing relevant legal bylaws and decrees for governance structure enactment
  • Defined and articulated target operating model for both policymaker, regulatory authority and e-enablement authority


Results achieved:

  • Ensured activation of optimal sector governance structure
  • Enacted the independent NRA functionality

Account payables process reengineering

Client: North African Mobil Telco.
Engagement focus: enhancing and securing the treatment and payment of suppliers’ invoices.
Key activities:

  • Optimized the validation and payment of invoices by streamlining the process and suppressing redundancies
  • Empowered the Financial controllers to follow-up the accruals
  • Implemented temporary solution based on dematerialisation of the invoices received, allowing significant productivity gains.
  • Recommended an automated workflow tool interconnected with the Procurement IS, to be implemented in the midterm


Results achieved:

  • Reduction of cost/time treatment of invoices by 40%
  • Significant decrease in suppliers’ claims

Performance Management System Implementation

Client: Leading GCC Mobile Operator ICT Entity
Engagement focus: Provision of integrated approach, linking corporate strategic vision to performance management operations.
Key activities:

  • Developed corporate strategic objectives and associated strategy map and ensured alignment with business strategy
  • Translated corporate strategy operationally, through development of Balanced Scorecards and definition of associated KPIs
  • Cascaded corporate strategy and related scorecards to all organizational departments
  • Scored vendors and recommended optimal performance management automation system
  • Supported in the development of a performance-oriented culture and conducted related training


Results achieved:
In progress

Launch of new services by a telecom operator in North Africa

Client: North African Mobil Telco.
Engagement focus: Launch of ADSL activities by the telecom operator.
Key activities:

  • Elaborated a tailored mapping of business processes related to the lifecycle of the client
  • Provided best-in-class  elements to implement in the Service Offering
  • Assisted the launch of the ADSL activity BtoC and BtoB


Results achieved:
Issuance and adoption by teams of a full set of tailored BtoB and BtoC processes and related procedures supporting client path issues.

Revamp B2B sales organization

Client: Sub-Saharan African Telco.
Engagement focus: Improvement of B2B commercial performance.
Key activities:

  • Revamped key B2B segmentation criteria
  • Updated each segment’s clients based on new criteria
  • Assessed Sales teams’ past performance for the reallocation of representatives’
  • Defined sales objectives in line with new organizationRolled out new organization and practices through communication, change management and training


Results achieved:

  • Reduction of the number of key accounts (c. 50%)
  • Reallocation of best team resources to the most important segments

Reorganization of the finance department

Client: Middle Eastern Mobile Telco.
Engagement focus: Organizational design
Key activities:

  • Assessed the current Finance Function organization, productivity and contribution to business monitoring
  • Mapped all the current reporting processes, all used tools and information systems
  • Designed future Finance organization and sizing
  • Detailed Job descriptions in liaison with HR
  • Defined decision matrix per sub activity
  • Conducted sessions of validation with Executive Committee and VPs


Results achieved:

  • Drew up change management road map
  • Presentation to the VPs and the CEO for final decision

Strengthening of revenue and cash control process

Client: Sub-Saharan Africa Telco.
Engagement focus: Reinforcement of control processes on revenue (revenue assurance). Securement of revenue and payment flows through the implementation of automatic interfaces between Information Systems.
Key activities:

  • Defined and implemented key controls to secure revenue and cash across the value chain though a check-list of controls to be performed
  • Enhanced the reliability of financial data through recurring reconciliations
  • Defined functional specifications and assisted in the implementation of automatic interfaces between Commercial IS / Accounting IS to guarantee the integrity of revenues and payment flows


Results achieved:
Process and hand-over methodology to strengthen revenue and payment controls

Revenue Assurance Diagnosis

Client: Leading GCC Content Provider.
Engagement focus: Revenue Assurance diagnosis.
Key activities:

  • Reviewed the whole Revenue Assurance function to ensure that key RA activities were covered
  • Assessed the sizing of Revenue Assurance team
  • Detailed recommendations to improve the RA department


Results achieved:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of the RA department
  • Reorganization recommendations

Post Acquisition Transformation

Client: African mobile operation acquired by a French international group.
Engagement focus: post-deal performance improvement.
Key activities:

  • Defined and implemented best practices (at the organizational and processes level) within the Finance department
  • Improved the reporting of this new entity for the purpose of the Group
  • Assisted in the definition of the new accounting system and the recording of historical accounting data in the
  • Information System


Results achieved:

  • Structured Finance department
  • New Financial ERP

Securing cash management

Client: African Incumbent Operator.
Engagement focus: control and reconciliation of financial flows within the internal distribution network.
Key activities:

  • Defined and implemented daily reconciliation of sales with cash-in and stock variation, at the level of each agency
  • Outsourced cash collection to an external company
  • Specified and developed an automatic daily interface for cash-in between the billing system and the Finance ERP


Results achieved:

  • Significant reduction in fraud at the agency level
  • Control of bank conditions and full bank reconciliation at d+2

Post Deal Transformation Plan of a Telco and its Subsidiaries in Africa

Client: North African Telecom Group having acquired 3 operations in Africa.
Engagement focus: transformation around three major processes (Revenue Assurance, Reporting and Cash Management).
Key activities:

  • Reengineered the entire revenue cycle (customer mgt, CDR’s collection and valuation, invoicing and payments) for mobile, fixed and interconnection
  • Conceived and implemented a monthly report to monitor activity through products
  • Implemented cash and treasury control processes


Results achieved:

  • Reassurance of 6% of total revenue (Fixed, Mobile and Internet) for one of the subsidiaries
  • Harmonized processes
  • Subsidiaries certified ISO 9001

Securing Fixed Broadband revenue

Client: Sub-Saharan African Telco.
Engagement focus: Securing Fixed Broadband revenue for a large African Operator.
Key activities:

  • Defined methodology to enable reconciliation between technical databases and Billing systems
  • Coordinated error resolution with all contributors (technical teams, sales representatives, etc.)
  • Re-engineered processes to ensure the alignment of all contributors
  • Trained and informed contributors of the new process
  • Investigated tools and possibilities for the enhancement of systems by further automation


Results achieved:
In progress


Mobile Financial Services roll-out

Client: African Subsidiary of a French international Telco.
Engagement focus: mobile money solution roll-out.
Key activities:

  • Set up the appropriate control processes for the new activity
  • Implemented relevant organization, processes and tools to support mobile payment growth
  • Defined an operation to improve the KYC process
  • Defined and implemented 20 improvement initiatives along the whole MFS value chain
  • Trained resources to ensure a quick understanding of mobile payment activity


Results achieved:
Secured the roll-out of mobile money roll-out

Ivory Coast: Mobile Financial Services compliance

Client: Leading Sub-Saharan African Telco.
Engagement focus: Implementation of a strong environment of controls aiming to ensure Mobile Financial Services (MFS) performance and compliance across the value chain.
Key activities:

  • Implemented exchanges with the bank partner for AML (Anti Money Laundering) alerts
  • Defined, reviewed and updated key procedures (KYC, monitoring and handling of anomalies, etc)
  • Supported the implementation of fraud detective controls and follow-up and reporting by fraud types
  • Supported communication plan (media) to end-clients on fraud and security awareness, and to employees on professional ethic


Results achieved:

  • Enhanced compliance of MFS activities validated by Group audit department
  • Performance improvement of MFS activities

Development of an integrated ICT policy and implementation roadmap

Client: Middle Eastern Policymaker.
Engagement focus: ICT policy development and definition of program implementation roadmap.
Key activities:

  • Developed 5-year ICT vision, aspirations and objectives
  • Interpreted strategic priorities into actionable programs
  • Developed program charters, defining goals, objectives, timeline, budget and human resources requirements
  • Defined implementation enablers and drafted program implementation roadmap


Results achieved:
Ensured enactment of respective project charters as per ICT vision and plan, enabling the client to unlock sector potential.

Definition of Organizational Structure and HR Support in implementation

Client: Ministry of ICT in North Africa.
Engagement focus: Organizational revamp and HR implementation support.
Key activities:

  • Baselined and assessed the Ministry’s current organizational structure
  • Defined the target organizational structure and key attributes (hierarchies, governance, etc.)
  • Defined job descriptions of up to L-5 levels
  • Provided support in HR implementation of the new organization (specifically, selection process)


Results achieved:

  • Ensured activation of optimal sector governance structure
  • Enacted the independent NRA functionality

Post-privatization Performance Improvement

Client: Incumbent North African telco.
Engagement focus: Activity monitoring and performance excellence.
Key activities:

  • Defined a new reporting package including financial and non financial KPI’s
  • Defined production processes for the new reporting package and formalization of related user’s guide
  • Changed management at the Controlling, operational and IT levels allowing the client to produce the reporting package smoothly and to validate data consistency


Results achieved:

  • Issuance at d+5 of a monthly reporting package to the attention of the ExCom members.
  • Considerable enhancement of the activity control and the internal management dialogue

Key contacts

Chris Chatzicharalampous, Senior Manager, c.chatz@euromenaconsulting.com