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Euromena Consulting provides tailor-made services to family businesses mostly in the MENA and Africa regions. Our team members actively support in the corporatization and institutionalization cycle of family businesses in the roadmap of becoming corporates. Key vertical focal areas include food and beverage (F&B), commodities, retail and real estate. Our indicative list of services includes:


  • Governance model revamp (corporatization roadmap execution): definition of optimal governance structure (e.g. BoD composition, management team structure, etc.), custom-fit operating model, authority matrix and decision rights definition, business processes realignment


  • Portfolio of services rationalization: review and alignment of service portfolio, identification of services “stars” and “cows”, rationalization of forward-looking service portfolio


  • Investment screening and optimization: investment screening and due diligence support across key growth, expansion and diversification activities


  • Shared services support: setting up and enactment of the shared services concept across key support areas (e.g. IT, HR, Finance, Procurement & Supply Chain Management)


The Euromena Consulting team works hand-in-hand with family businesses, enabling the effective and prompt transition into the corporate domain, providing tangible operational support and advice throughout this journey.


Key contacts

Kostas Koulinas, Partner, k.koulinas@euromenaconsulting.com