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Emerging Markets

With over 50 projects in emerging markets, in particular in Africa and the Middle East, Euromena benefits from a deep understanding of these regions and their specificities. They may be seen as areas with great potential, but doing business in these geographies requires a strong knowledge of existing business environments, of their dynamics and respective context. In this regard, Euromena provides assistance by sharing expertise accumulated over the years with both foreign companies wishing to expand in those regions and with local companies eager to grow. These areas of expertise include:


  • Market analysis
  • Market entry strategy design and implementation
  • Investment or partnerships’ screening
  • Assistance for business establishment in the country / region
  • Business plan elaboration
  • Assistance in fundraising
  • Post-Merger Integration


Development of Flour Silos Investment Plan

Client: GCC Public Agri-business entity JV with a leading European flour miller.
Engagement focus: development of business case and investment plan for flour silos development.
Key activities:

  • Baselined current market landscape and dynamics (supply/demand patterns), competitive intensity and market prospects
  • Defined optimal business case with the inclusion of multiple production facilities (e.g. flour, animal feed mill etc.)
  • Developed detailed financial model (P&L, cash-flow statements and balance sheet) assessing different scenarios
  • Devised optimal investment case and developed investment term sheet


Results achieved:

  • Finalized investment plan for a multi-million investment
  • Defined investment “teaser” and term sheet for the active participation of investors

Wheat/Flour and Rice Food Market Analysis

Client: GCC Public Agri-business entity JV with a leading European flour miller.
Engagement focus: supply and demand market analysis in the food sector (emphasis on wheat/flour and rice related products) in the UAE.
Key activities:

  • Conducted primary research on the supply and demand characteristics of wheat/flour and rice products in the UAE
  • Interviewed key producers and consumers of wheat/flour and rice
  • Benchmarked supply and consumption patterns with regional peers
  • Synthesized market analysis findings and provided recommendations on key market opportunities and potential


Results achieved:

  • Identification of specific wheat/flour and rice market opportunities and prospective investors
  • High-level quantification of market potential and expected investment returns

Development of an international expansion strategy

Client: European Beverage Equipment Group.
Engagement focus: Development of an International Strategy to expand in Europe.
Key activities:

  • Diagnosed current positioning and potential for expansion in Europe
  • Analysed opportunities for the company to expand into new markets through all possible channels (acquisitions, partnerships, internal growth)
  • Defined a clear roadmap for strategy rollout in the very short term


Results achieved:
Assignment represented the boosting point for company Internationalization, with recruitment and the collection of subsidies being launched immediately following project conclusions.