Euromena Consulting Annual Workshop Was Held in Marrakech (Morocco), June 2017


Going back to its roots, Euromena Consulting gathered its broad team from Beirut, Paris and Dubai offices to attend the scheduled annual workshop.


The workshop took place from June 28th, 2017 till July 2nd, 2017 in Marrakech (Morocco) where the beautiful journey of Euromena Consulting actually started, at the place where first project activities launched.


Two main streams were planned for the gathering, an internal working session and a capacity building session. The discussions of the first session focused on Euromena Consulting DNA, strategic orientation and vision, as well prescribed marketing and communication activities, and soft skills to succeed. As for the capacity building session, each regional office shared its consultancy projects and achievements with the rest of the team, broadening the understanding and awareness of the wealth of experiences across various sectors that Euromena team currently employs.


This gathering was a major opportunity to get all the team together, take a step back and consider the great Euromena Consulting achievements reached today, as well as brainstorming and aligning on forward looking aspirations.


Last but not least, this workshop was a chance to largely celebrate the great adventure of Euromena Consulting as “One Team, One World” in Marrakech, through a series of very colorful and lively social interactions.


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