Euromena Consulting Annual Team Gathering 2018


Euromena Consulting team gathered in June 2018 for the company’s annual workshop, inviting all staff members from across the globe to discuss progress, evaluate performance and strategize for the upcoming year. The workshop welcomed staff members for a full three day retreat which combined work, fun and team building activities. The gathering was held in the dynamic Beirut Digital District; the hub for start-ups in the heart of the Middle East, and home to Euromena Consulting’s growing presence in Lebanon and the MENA region as a whole.


To review company performance and introduce new strategic priorities for the coming year, the team spent a full day packed with presentations from Partners, senior team members as well as new-joiners. Highlighting the past year’s success, the Europe-based team introduced projects they have completed with long-time clients in the telecom industry as well as projects focused on M&A across various verticals, and the Middle East-based team discussed projects focused on telecom corporate strategy setting and execution, global energy giants market entry strategies, as well their business support to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across Lebanon, in parallel with their ongoing work with international development organizations. The presentations concluded with key figures and trends, and brought forth actionable ideas for the coming twelve months that mirror the company’s entrepreneurial DNA and forward thinking values.


Faycal El Darwiche, Founder and Managing Partner at Euromena Consulting, believes these types of gatherings are essential for the company’s mission to drive growth and enhance performance across continents. Faycal discussed key pillars for individual progress and business continuity, driving both the Senior Management Team and the New Generation Team to think critically of the importance of excellent delivery, business development, as well as contribution to the company’s goodwill.


About Euromena Consulting

Founded in 2006, Euromena Consulting is a reputed management consulting firm serving high-profile industrial stakeholders, private actors, and governmental authorities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Euromena Consulting provides vertical, hands-on strategic and operational support to its partners, actively supporting them in enhancing efficiency and improving performance by employing result-driven, proven methodologies.

Euromena Consulting operates in multiple countries across the globe and offers services in up to six different industries, including ICT, public sector, transportation, emerging markets, family business, and international development organizations. Our services focus on 6 key functional areas, providing our partners with quality expertise across various industry verticals:


  1. CFO Agenda
  2. Investment and Mergers & Acquisitions
  3. Strategy and Business Planning
  4. Operational Model and HR Management
  5. PMO and Transformation Programs
  6. Policy and Regulatory


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